ANALYZER - Payback

Return on Investment
With only a few saved parameters like installed cost per watt, startup date and solar map projections for this location SolarVu® will continuously update the financial returns from measured output. Although the financial model does not use sophisticated rate of return calculations, it does provide a simple estimate of payback. On the Payback screen, useful system performance metrics like yield, cost/watt generated and breakeven date are shown. Switch to the Revenue screen for projected revenues and lifetime income at the current rate of energy generation.

Payback Calculator
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Revenue Calculator
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Cash Flow Projections
A spreadsheet template can be downloaded for manually calculating cash flow. Save time creating a model from scratch by using this as a starting point. Modify for different assumptions and change formulas to suit unique situations. Graphs and tables using tools built into the spreadsheet program can be saved and printed for reports.

Cash Flow Spreadsheet
Cash Flow Spreadsheet