SurePoint™ Diagnostic & Reporting Subscription
All SolarVu® features are included for the first 2 years with the purchase of a SolarVu® portal. After that time, monitoring continues to be free and lifetime data is stored. Advanced diagnostic Analyzer tools and SMART Enterprise reporting are available for a monthly charge with a SurePoint™ subscription. These useful tools help field maintenance personnel quickly diagnose and fix faults to prevent loss of revenue. Performance analysis and custom reports let financial staff efficiently monitor portfolio returns.

SurePoint™ can be activated at any time with flexible monthly payments or prepaid annually using a credit card, online transfer or by invoice. Large portfolio owners can contact Cachelan for a multi-site discount and preferred payment plan.

Renew SurePoint™ Subscription
Features requiring a SurePoint™ subscription will be identified by a SurePoint™ logo with the days remaining displayed. Click the Days Left bubble for detailed status. Price varies with system complexity and will be shown on this screen.

SurePoint™ - Logo

On the SurePoint™ status screen, click the Renew button to extend the subscription. On renewal, additional days will be added to the remaining available days. Email or phone 905.470.8400 for further information or assistance with a SurePoint™ subscription.

Download the SurePoint™ features list. Price is calculated based on installed options and displayed on the renew screen. SurePoint™ - Features List
Watch the SurePoint video explaining features and how to renew
Click the SurePoint™ logo Days Left bubble or Analyzer tab - SurePoint™ to view the subscription status or to renew." SurePoint™ - Status

When a SurePoint™ feature is accessed but the SurePoint™ subscription has expired, a message will be displayed with a link to view the benefits of the missing feature. Click the RENEW button on the SurePoint™ status screen to reactivate SurePoint™.

SurePoint™ - Renewal