ANALYZER - Communication

Fix Internet Connections
Each site sends data to the SolarVu® servers for storage and online access. A connection dropout can be caused by many different reasons such as changes in router settings on corporate LANs, weak signals from cellular towers or poor alignment of directional WAN transceivers. To assist in initial setup, commissioning and ongoing operations, the ANALYZER-Communications screen provides an hourly record for the last 30 days of the internet connection from the site. Scroll over any time period for more details. Use it to align antennas or detect network problems.

Indicators on the K135 gateway at the site give information about the connection status. A video showing how to interpret the K135 indicators helps installers with successful commissioning.

30 day connection history log
Communication History

Connection Options
While a direct connection to the building LAN is the most reliable and cheapest option, this sometimes is not possible. Rural locations or security concerns may require a cellular or WiFi interface to the internet for data transfer. Cachelan offers tested solutions configured to match customer requirements for each site. For example, the YF405 3G cellular modem/4 port router accepts a SIM card from a local telco provider. With a suitable antenna this enables connection anywhere there is cellular coverage.

Cachelan YF405 cellular modem and router for remote locations
Cachelan YF405
Cachelan YF405 Antenna