LobbyVu™ for Solar Generation

LobbyVu™ is an extension of your SolarVu energy portal. Use the media device to display real starus and live statistica. It provide the 24/7 visual display of their solar site that showcase 'data points' selected by the customer.

Easy to Install:

  1. Plug ethernet cable to LobbyVu box
  2. Plug HDMI from box to designated Screen
  3. Connect plug from receptable to box
No need to log onto the energy portal, with LobbyVu™ connected to a public screen you can show off what is happening to your site without logging onto SolarVu

LobbyVu Gateway

LobbyVu needs to be purchased and requires that SolarVu portal has an active SurePoint subacription.

Solar Generation
Graphical display on a Big Screen that showcases how much solar energy your site has been generating over time. Capably of seeing historical data on a number of time frames which rotate for dynamic display.

LobbyVu Solar Generation

Building Consumption
All of the features of Solar Generation PLUS building specific features! Available as a part of NRGPilot sites with a connected meter point to measure grid import/export. Graphical display that showcases how much your building is consuming in comparison to the amount of energy generated from your solar site. Capably of seeing historical data on an hourly basis & the past 30 days. View and traverse the building consumption and compare it with solar generation!

LobbyVu Building Consumption