Troubleshooting Tools
With hundreds of panels and complex power electronics exposed to harsh climate conditions DG (distributed generation) system operators can expect problems over the 20 plus year life of their systems. When the SolarVu® gages and reports indicate something is not right, use the Analyzer tools to quickly locate the cause. Maintenance staff know exactly where to look, so they can quickly restore full output while minimizing expensive field repair time.

Maintenance Contracts
Dealers receive a SMART Enterprise account that includes all SolarVu® portals they sell. This assists in answering customer questions and providing maintenance contracts as an ongoing service revenue source. Remotely diagnosing site issues may eliminate a truck roll or ensure the right equipment is brought to complete a repair in the minimum time. Revenue and performance reports can be delivered to clients providing valuable additional services. The dealer/developer logo appears at the bottom of each screen with a link to their website for quick access to support and referrals.

IPPs operating multiple sites can see on one screen status of all their sites and compare performance between locations. Click the site name to visit any location without having to remember the web address.

See all customer accounts on one screen.
Click on name to go to site.


Wireless Tablet for Site Viewing
Get complete project visibility through SolarVu® on a tablet connected to a cellular data plan. No need to scroll through single line inverter displays, carry roof layout plans to locate combiner boxes or waste time searching for instruction manuals. It is all immediately accessible on a portable high resolution display.

Checking inverter performance on a tablet